Annotation Type Service

public @interface Service

Marker interface for service implementation. A service is defined by an interface marked with the Contract annotation. Each service implementation must be marked with the @Service interface and implement the service interface.

Jerome Dochez, Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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Optional Element Summary
 String metadata
          Additional metadata that goes into the inhabitants file.
 String name
          Name of the service.


public abstract String name
Name of the service.

Habitat.getComponent(Class, String) and similar methods can be used to obtain a service with a particular name. All the named services are still available through Habitat.getAllByContract(Class).

The default value "" indicates that the inhabitant is anonymous.



public abstract String metadata
Additional metadata that goes into the inhabitants file. The value is "key=value,key=value,..." format. See InhabitantsFile for more details. This information is accessible from Inhabitant.metadata().

While this is limited in expressiveness, metadata has a performance advantage in it that it can be read without even creating a classloader for this class. For example, this feature is used by the configuration module so that the config file can be read without actually loading the classes.


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